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The Gemstone Tribune (Log)
Bringing You The Truth Despite The Facts

Gnoll Attacks Attract Dangerous Attention -Stephen Stolbert – Editorial

Gemstone has been attracting all sorts of treasure seekers, fortune hunters and honest business folk. The area’s rich mineral deposits and the town’s friendly demeanour serve only as selling points for strangers looking for a new start in life. Every week seems to bring a wagon train full of new merchants, young families and scrappy mercenaries all looking to partake of Gemstone’s bounty. Unfortunately Gemstone’s generosity is not infinite, and the wrong kind of attention has been arriving in droves. Gnoll savages seem to attack farmsteads and passing wagons with impunity. The volunteer militia up in Fort Last seems to be failing in its duty. Just yesterday a wagon train came in they reported being attacked by Gnolls EAST of the town! Not only is the militia failing up in Fort Last, the savages have been getting around the town itself! From what I understand a brave group of hired guns fended the savages off, and protected the goods being carried. This is the kind of courage and moral certainty we need in this town. Although word is that one of the hired guns is a half-orc and another is a half-elf. Now I’m no racist, but I begin to fret at the racial purity of humanity that allows itself to breed with such bestial folk. I’m sure the orcs and the elves see it the same way (although probably not as clearly as somone like I do). In any case hired guns can only do so much. What this town needs is to integrate with the newly forming United Confederacy of the Wildlands. With their organised military, federalisation ideas and ‘democracy’ Gemstone could get the protection it needs from freeloading savages, bandits and Imperial rogues. This young nation needs a firm guiding hand to bring it firmly into the 17th Century. So what do you say Patriots? We could even try that new Democracy thing the Confederacy has been talking about. Although I’m given to understand EVERYONE gets a vote under their system. I think I could improve it by allowing people to buy votes, that way we can differentiate between the important voices of the rich and successful and the insignificant poor and oppressed. What say you Gemstone citizens? Are you ready to be patriots? -Stephent Stolbert – Editor in Chief


‘Handsome Lads Reported In Dragon’s Gulch Area’

The gnolls are the least of Gemstone’s many problems. Apparently the Handsome Lads, the gang of criminals and cutthroats favoured by ‘Handsome’ John Luthor have been reported in the Dragon’s Gulch area. Alyra Angel of Angel’s Ranch to the south reported her cows being rustled, and while she could not confirm it was the Handsome lads, she did not deny it either: “I didn’t see nothing” – Clear evidence that she must have seen something. Was that something the Handsome Lads? This editor thinks perhaps it was. To further prove that the handsome lads have been sighted in the area, the word is that hired guns new to the town have been asking questions regarding ‘Handsome’ John Luthor. If he weren’t in the area why would they ask questions? Again the evidence is clear.

Stephen Stolbert – Editor in Chief


Hired Guns Leave Town To Deliver Needed Supplies to Militia

In an exclusive interview with Sherriff Gaskin Robbins I learned why a mysterious caravan left at dawn this morning headed West through the Skullcrusher Foothills. “The Fort needs supplies, and with the increased Gnoll activity in the area I thought it best to send some folk who could see it’d get there safely. Stop pestering me Stolbert I’m busy.” -There you have it Gemstone Patriots. Fort Last is in grave danger and hired guns have been employed to rescue our own militia. I ask you what use is a militia that needs rescuing? That’s why I think its high time that we all started coming together as not just a mining camp, but a true town. That way we might be accepted as part of the United Confederation of the Wildlands. With a real garrison in Fort Last, we might see the last of gnoll savages, dangerous bandits and worse still half-orc and half-elf hired guns. -Stephen Stolbert – Editor in Chief

Gossip Column by BB Gunn

This town finally has some class. Two of the loveliest ladies have been spotted staying at the Last Resort Hotel. While they are accompanied by some gentleman (a sharpshooter and a half-orc sherriff of some distant town) they are not romantically attached to these individuals. Clearly these upperclass ladies are from somewhere along the East Coast, as they display signs of excellent breeding. Meanwhile in other news, word is a Preacher has entered the town and caused quite a stir. He apparently wants to FREE the Devil Boy in Barker’s Freak Show. Now I’m as dedicated to the Martyr as the next man, but that boy is exactly where the Martyr put him. This so called Preacher is probably from some previously unkown sect. Finally I would like to lay to rest some gossip about so called sightings of the Handsome lads or their frightening leader. Nobody has really reported anything of the kind. I’d know, I’m the gossip reporter after all.

- BB Gunn – Gossip Reporter.


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